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Vasil Rakaj

Vasil Rakaj was born in Boga, Albania in 1954. He attended the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts and studied under Toma Thomaj-Dahmo who taught him how to sculpt in a wide range of mediums from terra-cotta clay to w

ood, stone and metal using various techniques. Vasil was commissioned to sculpt a six foot tall, bronze statue of St. Mother Teresa in 1996. He came to United States in 1998 for the celebration and dedication of four installations of that same piece. He is an international talent whose works have appeared in The White House, Buckingham Place, The United Nations and The Vatican. Vasil currently resides with his family in Ansonia, Connecticut and is an active member of the Valley Arts Council.

Vasil continues to sculpt his inspirational works, ranging from small table-top forms and reliefs to magnificent life-size cast bronze monuments.

   17 John st. Ansonia CT 06401
 phone: 001 203 735 5874Cel:001 203 278 1115
Sex:  Male  | Date of birth27/03/1954 | Nationality: USA
1998 –present
1991 – 1998
Sculptor / Free Creativity, USASculptor / Free Creativity, Albania
1987- 1991 Lecturer of arts
High School, Lac/ Albania
1977– 1978 Assistant Art
ART Factory , Krujë / Albania
1973 – 1977   Art Academy, Tirane/ Albania Sculptor
▪ Degree:  Ceramic▪ Title: Sculptor
1969-1973 Art High School “Jordan Misja” , Tirane/ Albania
Mother tongue(s) Albanian
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production  
English C2 C2 C2 C2 C1
  Levels: A1/A2: Basic user – B1/B2: Independent user – C1/C2 Proficient user
Communication skills
  • Very good communication, teamwork, management and management of the jobs under pressure.
Digital competence
  • Office suite (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software)  level excellent
Artistic activities / Publications
  • 2018, working in the Martin Luther King monument.
  • 2017, working in The woman holds the world monument.
  • 2014, Author of two tales devoted to brothers  Gjeto e Ded COKU, Lezhe / Albania.
  • 2012, participant in competitionon the 100th Anniversary of Independence of Albania.
  • 2010,attending the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa, in OKB.
  • 1996 ,  Tirana Exhibit, Winner of the III Prize, “National Competition dedicated to Mother Teresa”.
  • Author of the monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, in “Mother Tereza” square, Pristina / Kosovo.
  • Author of the monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, New York, USA.
  • Author of the monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, Detroit, USA.
  • Author of the monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, in Tuzi, Montenegro.
  • 1998 Elected member of two art associations, Connecticut, USA.
  • Participate in more than 20 local and national exhibitions in Tirana.
  •  Opening several individual exhibitions in the United States.