Susan Van Winkle

Melting Away
Fish-tail & Effervescent

Wildlife Artist:

Susan C Van Winkle, residing in North Stonington CT. has been devoted to the visual arts for over 50 years. An artist of wild & domestic animals, Susan displays a diverse scope of different mediums to express her passion for animals. Mediums of choice range from drawing in graphite, pen & ink, and scratch-board. Sculpture in marble, alabaster, soapstone, bronze, resin, cast stone, and cold cast bronze.

Formal art training includes 4 years of study in fine art, illustration, photography, and commercial art at Paier College of Art, Hamden, CT. Sculpture and the techniques behind it have been enhanced through courses at the Washington, CT Art Association, guidance through the Paul King Foundry, and Mystic River Foundry, plus self-taught experimentation. Except for Susan’s one of a kind stone carvings, her other sculpted pieces done originally in clay need to go through the lengthy process of casting in a more permanent material. Van Winkle likes to have a hands on approach in the next phase; tackling the engineering of the mold, making a rubber mold of her sculpture, to the final casting and finishing.

Exhibiting both nationally and internationally, Susan has received numerous awards for her work. Her work is in private collections throughout the U.S.
“Sculpture challenges me. Animals inspire me. There is an infinite abundance of angles & shapes. I become totally captivated by the unique beauty of each animal and sculpture allows me to become close and personal with each one.”

Susan C. Van Winkle
North Stonington,CT